Haskayne Legacy Park

Bordering the banks of the Bearspaw Reservoir, Haskayne Legacy Park is the first Regional Park opened by the City of Calgary in over ten years. Spread out amongst 126 hectares of land, the expansive park provides citizens with ample opportunities to explore nature with stunning backdrops.

Construction commenced in the Fall of 2019 and over the next three years stringent planning and production was demonstrated to deliver a final product Calgarians can be proud of. The first phase of the project was to link the asphalt pathway on the southern portion to the Glenbow Provincial Park. The area is a protected native grassland therefore, construction of the pathway, seating nodes, and seeding had to adhere to stringent construction regulations. Moving further north, additional asphalt and granular pathways were constructed totaling over four kilometers of walkable areas for guests. To delineate these new pathways from existing private property and the Provincial Park to the West, three kilometers of various types of fencing were erected.

Approaching the pavilion, two spacious parking lots were refinished and site lighting was provided throughout. Connecting the surrounding park to the pavilion area, 4,000 square meters of concrete and pavers were installed. Given the location of the park next to the reservoir and at the base of the foothills, beforehand, an extensive subsurface drainage system was installed to ensure water is diverted during major precipitation events. The pavilion area is surrounded with infrastructure for visitors to enjoy after strolling through the park including custom benches, picnic tables, and fireplaces. Encapsulating the pavilion, an extensive planting program was implemented to accentuate the surrounding fescue grassland. Over 400 trees, 4,000 shrubs, and 15,000 perennial plugs were a part of this program, each of which are serviced by a dripline irrigation system. Throughout the duration of the project, given the wide-ranging scope of work, coordination amongst the various subcontractors as well as material delivery management was paramount. A tireless effort was put forth by the project management and construction team to ensure the successful outcome of the preeminent park.