Barb Scott Park

Barb Scott Park provides residents of the surrounding area with a greenspace that not only enhances the area visually, but provides an area to gather and partake in recreational activities. The area encompasses a large ovular green space, providing the public with a vast area to exercise, picnic, and enjoy the feeling of lush sod beneath them. A simple pleasure that is difficult to find amongst the sprawling high rise buildings. Prairie hardy trees, shrubs, and grasses encircle the aforementioned green space, providing enhanced colors and textures to a formerly dull and uninviting area of the Beltline. Numerous benches and picnic tables were installed throughout the site in order to provide the public with areas to sit and enjoy the surrounding environment. A concrete pathway encircles the ovular greenspace, providing residents an unimpeded pathway to navigate through the park. Lighting along the pathway, illuminated benches, as well as the massive illuminated Chinook Arc sculpture were used to create a welcoming feel at night.

The vibrant Beltline district of downtown Calgary is fast paced and at times hectic. Barb Scott Park provides the areas residents with a space to unwind and relax. With the patience and expertise of the staff came great results with this park, a space its namesake herself would be proud of.