MountainView Entry Feature

Completed in the summer of 2014, the MountainView entry feature provides an inviting welcome for residents prior to making the climb up the Sheep River escarpment to enter the impressive new community.

Within the community the developer wanted to control storm water flow thus, the main access road into MountainView was built without curbs so rain water can flow directly into the boulevards. Following the natural drainage path, all of the boulevards flow into a storm water retention area that is located behind the entry feature. The retention area was planted with willows, bulrushes, and cattails to help filter and manage the water. Round river rock was also used in the retention area to help mitigate erosion and sediment dispersal. Concealing the storm water retention area is a towering pergola that serves as the focal point for the entry feature. Surrounding the pergola is a sandstone boulder wall and planted within the wall are a variety of grasses that serve to tie the space into the natural surroundings. To round out the entry feature a variety of high caliper trees were planted throughout to enhance the overall curb appeal of the entry feature.