Legacy Traffic Islands

Three main traffic circles were constructed, which provided the opportunity for feature landscaping within the islands. There were many considerations that needed to be made in the design process of these islands, such as sight lines and landscape salt tolerances. Sight lines for traffic purposes were maintained by using low lying shrubs and grasses, both of which still added a great amount of texture and interest. Due to the close proximity of constant traffic and the inevitable salt that will end up in the landscaped areas throughout the winter, Russian Olives were planted as the feature trees due to their high salt tolerance. Chosen mainly for function, these trees will be a great component in the future with their silvery colour and unique texture.

The main feature of these islands is the rock work, which keeps the sight lines available, but also adds a lot of interest and a solid clean look. Similar to the rest of the community, the rock used is imported from Montana. Two different varieties of this rock were used, stackable boulders and rip rap, which along with some local river rock, created some great contrast and flow. High grade aluminum landscape edger was also used in some areas to keep the varying types and sizes of rock separate from mulched beds, providing some very clean lines.