Central Memorial Park

Completed in the summer of 2010, Central Memorial Park has been rejuvenated by The City of Calgary Parks department. The major concept of this park was to recreate the landscape following the original design that was constructed approximately 100 years ago. One of the biggest elements of the recreation was the intricate pathway system, which allows visitors to access every corner of the site at any angle. The path is made up of City of Calgary trail mix and a discrete heavy aluminum edger, which overall gives the pathway a natural appearance and captures the essence of the original design. Another unique feature of this park is the annual/perennial planting bed designs, which add interest and bring a lot of attention to the seasonal plantings. A majority of the plantings were preserved from the original park and the topsoil mix was recreated to match the original composition. With a proud sense of history, a nice variety of seasonal plantings, large sodded areas, and an overall comfortable atmosphere, this park is now enjoyed all year round by the downtown core.